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한국수학교육학회 13대회장 이상구

Dear members and guests

I am gratefully honored to become the 13th president of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education (KSME) on October 9th , 2018, the day when KSME was established. I am very appreciative of the support from all who had encouraged me to embrace this honorable and important opportunity. Also, I feel impelled to express my gratitude to the preceding leadership including the former president Kwon, Oh-Nam, who worked really hard to solidify the path of KSME for the past two years.

Since its establishment with the first president of KSME, Park, Han-Sik (박한식) in 1962, KSME has grown greatly over the last half century and is the oldest, largest, and a very important academic society in the mathematical education community of South Korea. We now have 1451 full members, 201 life-long members, and 104 institutional members. By succeeding the achievements over the past 12 presidents’ era, I and my executive members will try our best to solve the following pending issues for the continuous development of KSME.

1. KSME will work in harness with KSICMI(Korean Sub-commission of ICMI), The Korean Federation of Mathematics Societies[KFMS](한국수학관련단체총연합회), the Department of Education, National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단), Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (한국과학창의재단), National Institute for Mathematical Science (국가수리과학연구소), companies, and so one, to expand our academic infrastructure by conducting scholarly activities, and inducing financial contribution

2. Our journals The Mathematical Education, Communications of Mathematical Education, The Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Education of Primary School Mathematics of The Korean Society of Mathematical Education have already been certified by Korea Citation Index (KCI). We will work to revolutionize Series D, the English journal, and to make at least two major journals of ours to be indexed in SCOPUS, the international journal certification, as soon as possible so that the members and other researchers can enjoy the benefits.

3.In order to vitalize the conferences, we will encourage new researchers working in Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, National Science Museum(국립과학관) and Math Culture Centers(수학문화원), and primary and secondary teachers who research to register as regular full time members of KSME.

4. We will hold a successful spring/fall academic conference and summer math education workshop by organizing academic conference to be a venue for extensive communication about on-site education.

5. In this current time where the educational environment and paradigm are changing, we will work with KFMS(수총) to proactively study and share the results with fellow professors and teachers. With this we, KSME will present a vision for university and secondary mathematics education.

6. In order to globalize KSME, we will encourage academic future generations, including new researchers and graduate students to contribute to international academic journals. We will also support the preparation of EARCOME 2021 that will be held in Seoul. Furthermore we will share new and interesting researches on Korean mathematical education and contents with the world through our journals.

7. Finally, KSME will have a new office space in the next year. Also, we will launch a Committee to prepare “The 60 years of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education” that will gather historical materials and to write the history of our society.

We will share news and information on all of the things described above as we go along. We would also love to have your comments and contributions in any possible way. We wish all the best for you and KSME.

Thank you.

09-Oct 2018
Lee, Sang-Gu
The 13th president of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education